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The Story Of The Ascotian Club

Ascotian tennis Club, heritage

The Ascotian Club was originally named A.S.C.o.T, standing for All Sports Countries of Tennis.  Proud of the traditions behind the club, Members started to refer to themselves as ‘Ascotians’ and the current name was born. 


Our first members and the members that have followed during our growth have been attracted by our approach to the game. We pay homage to the traditions of the golden era of amateur tennis and combine that with the advantages of well-run events, tournaments and a social club.

Also known as “Cardinals” because the ASCoT Club badge they wear on their blazers has a red background, the Club has six historic members. These lifetime members are Joachim-Anton von Alvenseben, Count du Bediesse, Jochen Heins, Bernhard von Hohberg und Buchwald, Count Nicolas von Rosty-Forgách and Count Christian zu Stolberg-Stolberg.s r s.